5Dimes Live In Play Betting

5Dimes Live In-Play Betting

5Dimes Live In-Play Betting. Bet As the Action Unfolds!

5Dimes now offers players two options when it comes to in-game wagering – Live Betting Ultra and Live Betting Extra. Both offer many betting options across a wide array of events. Get in on the action and start betting in real-time today!

5Dimes Live In Play Betting

Live Betting Ultra

Live Betting Ultra is the latest in-game betting product from 5Dimes and that offers a variety of ways to wager during your favorite sporting events. In-game betting options are available on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, European Soccer, and Tennis.

In-game betting options include period, halftime and quarter lines, even or odd props, moneylines, 3-way results/full-time results, point spreads, 2-way handicap, 3-way handicap, O/U, game totals, team totals, Asian handicap and much more. You can even turn select wagers into a parlay.

Live Betting Extra

5Dimes offers more amazing in-game betting options on Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball and Tennis with Live Betting Extra. You will find in-game options on most of the day’s games. The Limits for Live In-Play Wagering lines are $500.

Here’s how to find it on the 5Dimes site:

Once you have logged into your account, select “Straight & RIF” from the wagering menu.
5Dimes Live In Play Betting

Under each sport listed, if there are Live In-Play Wagering lines available, you will see “Live In-Play” listed in the options. Click on “Live In-Play” for a full selection of In-Play options for that Sport.
5Dimes Live In Play Betting

Live In-Play Wagering lines are updated during commercial breaks of nationally televised games so be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date In-Play options available.

5Dimes Live In Play Betting

Live In-Play Wagering at 5Dimes is a great way to bet online!

5Dimes Live In-Play Betting: A Little Background:

It is exciting enough to be able to bet your favorite sports teams online without ever leaving the room, and then being able to sit back and watch the game and see your result. But if you are the type who likes to be a little more active, Live In-Play Betting is just the thing you have been looking for.

Take football for example – you can place bets on a game before it starts or at halftime as the sportsbook puts up second-half lines. That is a simple form of in-play sports betting. But what if we told you that you could make all the bets you wanted while the game taking place? Well it’s available at 5Dimes through an incredible new feature called Live Betting Extra which brings the excitement of online sports betting and takes it to a new level.

Customers have been able to log into their 5Dimes account and make bets on the games based on odds that were put up quickly during breaks in the action – primarily during commercials. They didn’t stay up there for very long; they were taken down as soon as the action resumed. That kind of in-play betting still exists; you can do that in the sportsbook. But it is now possible to engage in a fast-paced form of action that is relatively new to the gaming public.

With Live Betting Extra, there doesn’t have to be a break in the action, or a commercial, for you to place a bet. You can follow the game in real time make wagers on any number of propositions that are available through a series of drop-down menus and are changing constantly. It is conceivable that the odds on winning a game or a quarter, or on the total number of points scored in a game, could change with every play, and Live Betting Extra reflects that.

Live sports betting has never seen anything like this. If you are the kind of sports bettor who likes a lot of action, you couldn’t ask for anything more. It is possible that on a college football Saturday, or a pro football Sunday, you could be following the action and placing bets every minute, all day long. Is there anything that could be closer to a bettors’ dream?

And don’t think that this is something that is restricted to football. Live Betting Extra at 5Dimes also works with live in-play betting for basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and tennis. It is no exaggeration to say that you can bet on every game, every point, every inning, every quarter, sometimes many times over. And because it is a game where you must act quickly the state-of-the-art software responds. You can use your existing account to play with Live Betting Extra. All you have to do is find the user-friendly interface and click the “Sportsbook” tab to be directed to it.

At 5Dimes, they know what most sports bettors like. Many of these players are not the types to place one wager and sit back to wait for the result of their bet. This is a breed of people who are very enthusiastic and vocal about their allegiances, even if those allegiances were created by way of a dollar or two wagered and might change at the sight of a number that gives them “the best of it.” The key word here is “action.” And for those who simply can’t get enough of it, there is something this world-class sportsbook has adopted that blows the doors off anything before it.

Live In-Play Betting is the Ultimate Hedging Device!

There are very few things that are as exciting as live in-play betting in sports because it allows those people watching with a great deal of interest to place wagers on games as they are actually happening. That means you can take advantage of the shifting tides in just about any game at any time before the event is decided. This breaks down all the boundaries that have been put up before for the avid sports gambler. If you have bet on a team that seems to be going south in a hurry, there’s no more need to fret – you can turn that around by going the other way, again and again, literally as much as you want, depending on your interpretation of where the progress of the game is going. You can observe the flow of the event and jump on the team with the momentum. Live In-Play Betting is the ultimate ‘hedging” device.

Live In-Play Betting is Fast-Paced and Fun!

The characteristic of in-play betting through Live Betting Extra that makes it so unique is that you somehow cross the line from being just an observer who has wagered passively to a quasi-participant who now bets very actively. You can be in perpetual motion, looking at ever-changing odds over a series of events, with no idle moments from the afternoon all through the evening.

This is the most fast-paced activity in all of online gambling, bar none. Nothing else really compares. Think about it for a moment; you could be playing any number of online casino games and ultimately you are the one who determines how slow or fast you play. Even in an online poker room, the action does not exactly move at a rapid pace. But in the case of live in-play wagering as it is on display at Live Betting Extra, there is nothing about the pace that is within your control. You are at the mercy of the pace at which the actual events are being played. You must be cat-quick to take advantage of advantageous situations. You may find something you like, and then – poof – all of sudden the number has changed, because of one small thing in the game itself that may have changed the dynamic. It will bring a little stress.

And you will love every minute of it.

How Does Live In-Play Betting Work

Anything that gives you all the capability to place in-game sports betting wagers has to not only be very robust, but also very easy to use. And that is where this feature become even MORE amazing. Here’s a breakdown of how Live In-Play Betting works with Live Betting Extra:

  1. Create an Account and Make a Deposit: To experience all of this terrific stuff, you have to be a customer at 5Dimes, so the first thing you have to do is sign up and make a deposit. You can use a major credit card if you like, and then take advantage of a free play bonus. Yes, if you are in the United States you are more than welcome to climb aboard.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Live Betting Extra Interface: When you get to the main lobby, click through “Sportsbook” to “Live Betting Extra” and then make sure you familiarize yourself with the interface. The left side will let you know all the events that will be available for live in-play betting for that particular day, as well as those events that are underway already. You can click on any of them and there is a running account of the game, which will show you the score, on a period-by-period or inning-by-inning basis. In other words, you will see the status of the event in real-time. That is, truth be told, the only way you can make the in-play wagers, and only way the algorithm that governs the wagering odds can continue to make changes.
  3. Make Sure to Choose the Odds Format You Are Familiar With: Remember that you can always read the odds in whatever format is comfortable to you. So what you want to do before placing any live in-game bets is to make sure you have that correct – whether it is Decimal, Fractional, U.S.-style or Hong Kong-style odds. The action moves at such a swift pace that the last thing you want to do is get stuck trying to figure out what the numbers mean. Simply choose the desired format in the dropdown menu at the top.
  4. Make Sure to Get Familiar With the Different Prop Bets Available: For any of the games you select, you’re going to find quite a few different live sports betting props, which include those which are more conventional, such as the point spread on a game, the total and the money line, which are dynamic, in that they can change at a moment’s notice. You’ll have “spread props” and “additional props” which would include odds on what the total score might be in the current quarter, which team will score next, or whether the final total will fall on an even number or an odd number. There may also be a special price on whether a game will go to overtime.
  5. Be Ready and Be Quick! Believe us when we tell you, there is plenty to keep you busy with Live Betting Extra at 5Dimes. Just make sure you are very quick with the point-and-click!

The First Rule For Live In-Play Betting – Be Quick!

If you try out live in-play betting with Live Betting Extra at 5Dimes, you are going to find that not only is it a great test of your handicapping skills, but also a test of sorts to see how fast you can think on your feet. The reason it is so fast is that since the appearance of the various live in-play betting propositions is governed by the pace at which the games are being played at, the numbers are liable to change as any part of the game changes. And you have to be ready to react to it.

This isn’t anything to be intimidated by – in fact, it produces the kind of adrenaline you got involved in sports betting for!

Placing a Bet with Live Betting Extra

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Choose an Event: When you click on an individual event, there is a list of possible bets listed below. These can open or close at any time; the open bets have a plus (+) sign, while those that are not, at least at that moment, have a “lock” icon next to them. You click on the bet, and you will see the odds. If this is something you want to act on, click on it and you will go right to the betting interface.
  2. Check Your Balance: When you get there, you’ll see your available balance figure (you are using your main 5Dimes betting account – you don’t need a separate one, obviously) and you will also see the price that was posted on the prop you selected.
  3. Place Your Bet: Just put the amount of you wager into the space designated for it (make sure you specify whether it is the ‘risk amount’ or the ‘win amount’) and find the button that reads “Place Bet.”
  4. What’s Happens Next: What will happen is one of two things. Either that live in-play bet is going to go through, or you will be informed that there has been a change since you started the process. hey, we told you this moved FAST! Don’t worry; you’ll be asked if you want to accept that change, and you will indicate whether you are okay with that adjustment or will decline to make the bet. You will also be given the opportunity to implement something called “Auto Accept.” That is your decision; if you take that option you will save some time because you will guard against those delays that happen when the price changes once, twice or more, but you will have also agreed to accept, rather blindly, whatever change in price appears.

Yes, to be fully prepared for live in-game betting at 5Dimes you have to be able to think and make decisions very quickly. Just envision yourself as an NFL quarterback who drops back to throw and has to deal with oncoming pass rush. You’ve got to make the decision as to where that ball is going to go, and do it as quickly as you can. When it comes to Live Betting Extra, you may be coming across a golden opportunity when it comes to getting the “best of it” on a prop involving a game you have a strong opinion about. The “secret,” if we can call it that, is that you have to seize the moment before the moment seizes YOU!

A Few Quick Pointers For In-Play Betting at Live Betting Extra

Be warned; if you start using live in-play betting at 5Dimes using Live Betting Extra, you are going to love it like you’ve never loved anything before! But that’s just our observation. We would like you to find out for yourself. Take this incredible new feature for a ride…but you have to be signed up with a real-money sportsbook account to do it first!

And when you do, we have a few pieces of advice for you. This will help you get the most out of your experience:

  1. Study the Types of Bets Available: We strongly urge you to study the kind of bets that are available in the Live Betting Extra interface. And if you want to be better prepared, look at those kinds of props as they are presented in their pre-game form before any event you wager on. You would best be advised to break down those props and have an opinion, so that you can use that as a frame of reference before tackling them in the in-play betting format. Does that make sense?
  2. Understand what the “Calendar” tells you: Not every game on the board is available through Live Betting Extra. We wouldn’t want you to go through a whole lot of handicapping on a game, for the purposes of doing live in-play sports betting on it, only to find out it is not covered. The Calendar section will tell you what is going to be available for an entire week, so you don’t encounter any surprises.
  3. Don’t Be Married to your original bet on a game: This is part of the beauty of Live Betting Extra – if you find that you have definitely picked the wrong side, or if there are certain developments in a game that you in the other direction, live in-play betting offers the mechanism by which you can either “hedge” on that original wager or invest in something you think has a much better chance of winning. Still, you have to be able to determine what kind of value any of these wagers carries with them.
  4. Understand the Pros and Cons of Using “Auto Accept”: At some point, you will almost certainly make a live in-play bet in which there has been a quick change. At that point you will be asked whether you want to “Auto Accept” changes for the rest of your session. We would respectfully recommend against it. While it is true that you may be very concerned about executing these wagers quickly, and the Auto Accept function most certainly facilitates that, you need to know that when you automatically accept a change in price, the change could be significant, particularly in an environment in which there could be wild swings in the odds from one moment to the next. The extra second or two you may have to contemplate new numbers may be something that saves you money in the long run.
  5. Keep yourself under control: There are a lot of live in-play betting possibilities out there when you are inside of Live Betting Extra at 5Dimes. And they keep coming. But remember that just because all of that is available, it doesn’t mean you have to bet all of it. Zero in on those things you have reason to feel strongly about, and you’ll be able to preserve your bankroll better.

We hope this helps to make your in-play betting experience more enjoyable!

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Live In Play Wagering at 5Dimes. Bet As the Action Unfolds!
5Dimes offers players two options when it comes to in game wagering – Live In Play Wagering and Live Betting Extra. Don't Miss the Action at 5Dimes!