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Winning and losing come in streaks and an important aspect of playing with 5Dimes sportsbook is that it doesn’t place limits on their customers. Without limits, you are free to ride your streak all the way to the Hamptons. Or to the crapper. It depends on your betting control or lack of it. Either way, 5Dimes Sportsbook gives you the opportunity to succeed or fail in titanic proportions.

  • 5Dimes Internet Sportsbook Matchup Reports

5Dimes has matchup reports for the four major sports – football, baseball, basketball and hockey, for both the college and pro games. The matchup reports are vital for seeing trends, getting history and compiling information when you make your crucial decision. However, 5Dimes is not limited to just the matchup report. 5Dimes  also provides live scores, detailed injury reports and the latest buzz off the news wire as well as breaking headlines.

  • 5Dimes Internet Sportsbook Audio Commentary

Sometimes the best information available is on the talk radio shows and 5Dimes has their own internet talk radio commentary. Whether you want to gather information or just use it to pass the time, 5Dimes is ahead of other sportsbooks in providing practical sports tools, not just bikini models and floozy calendars.

  • Easy Sign-up Process

It takes less than ten minutes to register and start winning on 5Dimes. The process could not be simpler, requiring answers to just a few demographic questions and the funding of your initial deposit via credit card or any of a dozen or more other financial services.  Once signed up, you will receive a welcome e-mail, which will contain a promotional code for your sign-up bonus. Simply cut and paste this code into your bet slip to get credit for play and gain access to your matching funds.

  • Ask for Help

There is always help available on the site, from sign up through play and collecting your payouts, starting with an informative FAQ section. It explains all of the different type of wagers available, along with everything else you need to know about the site, including technical assistance.
If you are ever unsure about something, just click the “Help” button on the home page. You will be connected to someone via live chat in seconds, and the representatives couldn’t be more cooperative, friendly or helpful.

  • Live Streaming Sports

Be sure to take advantage of the numerous ‘in play’ markets and the live streaming sports action feature. You may notice a bit of lag in the broadcast, depending upon your Internet connection, but rest assured that the quality and timeliness is on par live feeds seen on television-but with much more variety.

  • Restricted Countries

Prospective players should note that access to 5Dimes is limited to residents of countries where online gaming is legal, which includes the U.K., most parts of Europe and Australasia. However, the site does not currently accept players who are located in the United States, Turkey or the Netherlands.

5Dimes Tips

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5Dimes Tips and useful Information
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