5Dimes Baseball

5Dimes Baseball

5Dimes takes care of your baseball needs with both MLB and College World Series lines. 5Dimes also has in-depth baseball match up reports to aid you on your baseball wagering adventure.

5Dimes Baseball Sportsbook Overnight Lines

5Dimes offers overnight lines, a crucial component for anyone planning on betting on baseball. Baseball games are scheduled in the morning, afternoon and occasionally in some other country and who knows what time those games start. Either way, by securing your baseball wager the night before, you can stroll into work and spend your day clicking and refreshing the 5Dimes baseball score page.

5Dimes Baseball Sportsbook Match up Reports

With the 5Dimes baseball match up report, you can get in-depth statistics on all the major and minor trends for the baseball team you’re looking to wager on. You can get bullpen statistics, home and road game tendencies, hitting and fielding stats for the baseball teams, injury reports, head to head results and even links to local news reports. For instance, you might learn your pitcher was just put on the DL.  5Dimes gives you everything you need to get the extra edge.
5Dimes also offers wild prop bets, even on games being played in the Far East. With all the baseball props you can handle, inventive futures and in-play betting, nothing is out of reach.

5Dimes Baseball Prop Bets

5Dimes is different from any other sportsbook on the market in that 5Dimes offers baseball props on every game.  Whether it be some obscure baseball game on the west coast or the ESPN Sunday night special, there are going to be a ton of baseball props to choose from at 5Dimes. Examples include team to score first, double result, winning margins, first home run, odd or even baseball game totals and even more crazy baseball props to wet your gambling appetite.

For those who follow the Japanese baseball scene, you can place 5Dimes wagers on the Yakult Swallows, the Seibu Lions and the mighty Yomiuri Giants as if you were living in Japan yourself!

5Dimes Baseball

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5Dimes Baseball
With all the props you can handle, inventive futures and in-play betting, nothing is out of reach with 5Dimes Baseball! Place your baseball bets today!